Hello ladies

Hi would like a bit of advice please. This is my first time of trying to conceive I stopped my pill about a week before it was due to run out. I came on my period 3 days later is this normal. Also when would be the best time to start trying for a baby. Thank you for your time 😊😊


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  • you  always have a withdrawal bleed when you stop BC, no matter when you stop as it's reacting to the pill not being in your system any more. 

    Some people it takes a while to get back to normal cycles some times it happens straight away, so if you are ready then there is no reason why you can't start trying

  • Thank you Hun yes I am ready for a baby 👶 well came off my pill then had my period and had it for only 4 days like normal so would it be best to start trying right away or wait till I have another period in a months time 😊

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