10 dpo to early to test ???

hello i am 10 dpo had cramps and my boobs are sore on the sides errect nipples that are sore ! My boobs are normally more heavy n full Before af ! Temp 98.8 still ? wat u thinking ? 


  • Proabably best to wait until at least 12dpo. Will save you worry about false negatives and save money on tests too.

  • I'm 10dpo too my symptoms are threw the roof I have every one going been ttc for 2 years and just want to forget about getting pregnant but every month my body plays games. When do u plan on testing would like to keep in touch with u and on ur journey if poss? How long u been ttc ? X

  • wats ur symptoms kat ? ye i think il wait and test sunday now cos i have 3 12 hour shifts so wont think about it lol ! Iv noticed my boobs look veiny but unsure if they do before af ! I have an 8 yr old already didnt find out till 22 weeks pregnant with her lol ! i was only 20 at the time. This is my first month Off the pill and had positive ovulation sticks 10 days ago. im really trying tryin not to get hung up on it all but its so hard ! do u already have children ? xx

  • Oh god it's more of a question what symptoms have I not had. I had everything from boobs to sickness backache cramps frequent trips to lav the runs ones day constipated the next. Headaches tiredness grumpy anything really u name it iv got it. 

    I have 3 to a horrible ex husband but my new fiance of 3 years doesn't have any we have 3 girls age 10 8 and 4. I'm all okay but his sperm  is a bit low last test results for him were better but still on the low side  I'm dying to go get a f r lol xxx

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