10dpo sick of waiting now need some positive words

Hi my god iv felt pregnant since 3dpo couldn't wait done a test today obvious negative, when would u advise to take one. 

I just need to know what's wrong with me not so much if pregnant I'd love it if I was been ttc for 2 years but around this time my body plays tricks on me as if it won't let me "not ttc" if u get me just want to move on from this ever month. 

3dpo exhaustion moody back pain 

4dpo as above cramps sore (*)(*) headache heartburn nausea 

5pdo as above

6dpo back pain cramps headache said reflux 

7dpo back pain 

8dpo tiredness back pain nausea moody

9dpo as above 

Today tired real tired  zzzzzz


  • Hi have you missed your period yet? It's still very early to tell as yet..when is your period due? X

  • Make sure you use a 10miu test if testing from 10dpo. First Response or Superdrug early response tests are great:)

    ( test in 48 hours)

    symptoms sound promising however I also get all that when AFs due now so I can never tell!!

    Good luck 🍀

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