Faint positive or Evap


Hello, firstly I apologise if this isn't in the right place (my first time posting) 

My period is due on Friday and for the past week I've had sensitive nipples and achy booba along side quite heavy discharge last week. I got impatient and decided to grab a test from Morrisons. I left the test to develop for about 2/3 minutes and immediately saw only one red line appear however after the deflated feeling i noticed a white line where I assume the second indicator should be. I googled this and saw people saying it was an early positive for them so started getting excited. I decided to run to the shop to get a clear blue digital. I got home and squeezed out another pee (wasnt much and looked as clear as water) this came back not pregnant. Then came the disappointment again. So now after sitting online here are points I've picked up.... 

Evap lines usually only appear when the urine has dried.. my Morrisons test says to check results within 15 minutes and the white line came up in about 3.

My clear blue was taken about an hour after the morrisons one with a small sample (at 6.30pm) 

The morrisons test picks up hCG at 15ml and clearblue at 25ml

is there still hope or am I just kidding myself?

Any comments appreciated! 


  • This looks like a possible evap line as it has no colour to it but that just means it might be too early for you to test. Clear blue digitals are not sensitive at all and often dont turn positive for several days after regular tests do so don't use them until you have a good pink line on a cheaper test first. Try first response or superdrug early result tests they are very sensitive. Good luck x

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