4DPO 😀 Newbie

Hi ladies

I want to have another baby and I just asked hubby what he thought.He laughed it off and said if God want to give us a baby he will. Haha this is funny because he knows we arent using protection, sometimes he pulls out some times he doesn't. All depends on the mood lol and he's said before he really wants a little girl. The thought of us having a boy and a girl makes me sooooooo happy I want a girl now too gosh I'm so over dinosaurs and cars right now lmaooooo Our DS is 5 and i havent been pregnant since ( not that we were TTC) but yeah hes 5 and im home alone now that hes in kindergarden. So what a perfect time to start planning our daughter. Hubby thinks I'm adorable and should just wait for it to happen but I cant so I decided to start keeping track of my periods and the days I ovulate and when we BD 😉😊. Last month we BD a lot!! But not quite around OT so AF came. After AF was over Hubby and I went on vacation and BD all over the virgin islands 😍😍. But when we got home we argued a little so didn't BD that much but I got him to knock a few in twice before ovulation and one more the day after. And now it's been 4days and I'm like now what do I start checking for sympotoms? 2 DPO I got a YI 😕 yuck!! I feel like it's the worst timing now cause I feel ickie 

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