Confused please help!

hello ladies, basically things have been really hard! I misscarried in august I was 12wks😔 I've since had my periods and waited too recover and I have, my ovulation date was the 14th of October me and my partner got down too business, yesterday was implantation day i did a test yesterday morning  and it came up with a very faint line which I was over the moon as I thought I was pregnant, the following afternoon I did another 2 tests that came bk negative so I waited until this morning too test again I have and they both come bk negative!!! I don't understand why I would have a positive test on implantation day and then 4 negatives the following afternoon and next morning please help as I'm really confused and upset i don't know what too do ive had no bleeding or pain. Just want a baby but lifes being unfair think I might just stop trying all together if im not pregnant this time as it's too much heart ache sum1 plz help 



  • You are testing too early. You wouldn't get a positive on implantation day.... it takes at least 4  days after implantation for HCG to show and even then it's not a given. you are only about 7dpo so it's waaaaaaaay to early. Most ladies don't start testing until 10dpo and even then it's too early really.... implantation can happen up to 12dpo so don't lose faith yet x

  • ino it's way too early but why have I had a faint positive come through if it's too early? X 

  • Are you sure it wasn't a line where the positive would be?

    also, did you do a HPT after your MC to make sure all the HCG is out your system? I remember getting a positive after my MC and getting all excited but it was left over HCG :( I was 10 weeks. Some ladies take longer for the HcG to leave. 

    Have you been temping / using opks to pinpoint  ovulation? 

  • I also had a false positive on first response last month too..... have decided that moving forward I will not test until AF is late as I also don't want the heartbreak of a chemical PG. I wish early tests hadnt been Invented x

  • If you got a line it could have been a false positive as I agree that implatat is way to early  get a positive.  I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your baby in August, I can't begin to imagine how that feels. I really hope you get your positive test this month but I think you really need to wait until nearer your period due date. Good luck xx

  • Thank you ladies I will updata you on whether I'm pregnant closer too when im due on and yes the hOenone left my body soon after my d&c as I tested to see if it was still in my body but it wasn't i will keep my hopes up and test again closer too thank you for your response ladies much love xxxx

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