Am I pregnant or not?!

I've taken two tests one yesterday and another today, they both are showing two faint pink lines. ive spoken to doctor and they said this can mean early stages of pregnancy and will darken later. If I am I'll be 4 weeks and 6 days. has anyone else had this problem? i don't want to get my hopes up as already miscar twice this year. Thanks Hannah x


  • Hi, what tests are you using? i got really faint positive on Internet cheap tests yesterday and much clearer stronger result on first response early result tests. worth a try if you can afford it. Also, I can see the line on both, so looks like a positive to me! X

  • Hey ! 

    I bought a pack of two from co-op they are called ' acutest early sign '.  I'm going to do a digital clear blue one later today, but I've read some other women have had two faint lines and clear blue has said negative because it's all to do with the hcg level detection or something. I'm hoping it's a positive 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thankyou x

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