PLEASE help.. is this a positive?

hello, I've taken these a day apart and I'm unsure if it's a positive because both lines are faint, has anyone else experienced this? Thanks Hannah x :) imageimage



  • I see a faint line! image

  • I've just done a clear blue digital and it says negative though 😩 I'm so confused 

  • They are both positive for sure congrats the only time you ever have hcg is when pregnant and there is deffo lines there it will get darker as hcg rises every 48hrs in urine

  • The clear blue digital tests are as sensitive to HCG as some other tests - I would guess that the ones you have shown in the pics here are quite sensitive. Wait a few more days and test again with a sensitive one - the line will be darker! 

    I had a faint line like that on my first test, and Im now 13 weeks! Like Ready and Waiting said, HCG is only present if your pregnant, and this test has picked some up! 

  • But then why is clear blue saying negative as I thought they were the best at picking up the pregnancy hormone 😩 It's so frustrating I just want to know yea or no for sure but have to wait a week for blood test. So another line would only appear if the hormone was in my blood is that right? thankyou everyone for the comments by the way x

  • Clear blue are the most expensive but, in my experience, not the best at picking up low amounts of pregnancy hormone! 

    How late for AF are you? If you still early or only just on the day of your missed period then it is likely that the clear blue is missing it. You need early detection tests - these are the most sensitive. For example, a lot of 'own brand' tests and those internet cheapie tests (that are just the stick) pick up the hormone when at a level of 10 to 15 mlu compared to 25 mlu with the clear blue test. 

    So, just because your havent had a clear blue positive test yet, that doesnt mean you arent pregnant! I had a really faint line on my first test, I can upload a pic to show you if you want, when I was 3w and 6d. But didnt get a clear blue positive until about 10 days later! All the other sensitive (and cheaper!!) tests I did in between were positive! 

    You had a faint positive - its still a positive! Wait a few days and test again for reassurance, but that was a positive pregnancy test! Congrats x

  • My last period was the 17th of September so that would make me 4 weeks and 6 days if I am. And I'm about 4 days late but have never been on time since I miscarried twice earlier this year 😩 That's why I'm praying this is a positive. Yeah it may help if I saw a pic of your test with a faint line please thankyou ☺️ Then I know there's hope x

  • Pregnant lady here. You have positives my dear so congrats! Clear blue digital are not very sensitive and never have been. The normal ones are ok (though not as good as first response) but the digitals are rubbish. If I could scream that loud enough so that every disappointed pregnant woman who gets a false negative on them could hear me I would. They are a waste of money imo. Try a first response instead. I had faint lines too at first and when I tried a first response with first morning urine two days later I got nice dark lines. I am now 11 weeks pregnant. x

  • Hello :) congrats to you :) if you don't mind me asking, how many weeks were you when you had the faint lines? I've since spoken to others and they have said it's just because it's wet it's done that :( xx

  • image This was mine! So, so faint! In fact, barely visible when I did it - and I'm now almost 14 weeks. You don't get a line because it's wet - it detects hormones, not wetness so don't worry about what other people say! I'd put money on the fact your pregnant! 

  • I hope I am 😩 Would do anything to be pregnant again. Yes yours was faint wasn't it wow ! And now your nearly 14 weeks that's really good news to hear :):) I may do another one of these this evening and see what that one says xx

  • Have you tried first response? I had a line as faint as you (also last period 16th sept!) and got much stronger on first response early result. 


    First test at 13dpo 


    14 dpo on first response. 

    Good luck, but I think there's a very good chance you are pregnant!! X

  • I tried one of those yesterday aswell as the digital and nothing showed 😩 It's SO confusing. i feel pregnant, my mouth is constantly tasting of metal, I'm getting. Emotional easily, I'm constantly thirsty, 6 days late. The blood test isn't until next Friday, so long away ! Xx

  • Just taken another one the same as these and the line isn't any darker infact it looks a little lighter I thought 😩 My other half is adiment im not where I want it too much, starting to think it's all in my head 

  • imageThis is the newest one it looks lighter to me, also didn't appear straight away took about 10 mins 

  • imageI just don't know 😩

  • Are you using FMU? You will get stronger lines in the morning. 

  • What's fmu? they are these ones ... imageXxx

  • Oh .. first morning wee, one of those tests in the pictures was a fmu I just keep getting same result but digital said no xx I think it's evaporating lines 

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