Is this a positive line?

Okay ladies, I know this is myour first post, but I just need to know if this looks like a positive to you. It showed up about a minute and a half after I took it, it's sooooo faint that it's almost invisible! I know it's blue, it's all I had on hand. I'm going to take another one in the am with a FRER. But I just need to know that someone else sees the line! Lolimageimage


  • Here's another oneimageimage

  • Wow super faint but I think I see it. You're right about trying a first response instead, much better lines on those. Good luck 

  • imageimage

    Can someone help this a positive test?

    I did a clearblue and it said not pregnant.

    Im due on my period in 4 days.

    Im a bit confused!

    Thank you

  • VHJ84, I would deffo say yes it is.

    Deathspinup struggline to see a line. How manys DPO are you?

  • Sorry wasn't finished on my last one.

    Clearblues don't usually work that early. The cheaper ones seem to be better. I did a cheap strip everyday and then did the clear blue once the line had gotten alot darker.

    Deathspinup Have you taken another test?

  • Thanks J wooders.

    Its so confusing. I got a positive on Saturday, a negative on Sunday then this today. Ive never been pregnant so its a bit confusing.

  • I was 6 days late on my period when I took this test. I'm now 8 days late. I haven't taken another test yet, though 

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