Is this a positive?



hey ladies- i just joined this forum about a half hour ago. I posted my question in an existing thread but lost it. Sorry for the repeat but I'm new to this. 

I took 3 tests and got two faint positives. Positives with- first response brand and easy @ home brand. Negative/ "not pregnant" with Clear blue brand. 

Check out the faint lines I got & let me know what you think please. 



  • Yes I would deffo say so!

    I did loads of the cheap ones until the line got darker. I think I finally did the clear blue the day my period was due. I then got a positive 1-2 weeks.

    But yeah that deffo looks like my ones, the faint line is simular. I am 12 weeks now. If you got loads of cheap tests do one a day and see it get darker!

    Jan xxx

  • Yes that is a positive. It doesn't matter if one line is lighter the other. Congratulations.

  • Those are positives. Clear blue is not as sensitive. Tbh I hate clear blue digi tests, waste of money. Congrats!

  • Is there a faint line? So hard to tell. image

  • imageAm i losing my mind, or does anyone see a second line here?

  • Yes,absolutely.

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