Is this implanation bleeding?

imageimagesorry if this is tmi anyone :(! i just really need opinions. ive been trying to conceive for a while now & i think i might've? my period is usually on the 28th of every month. i had sex on the 10th of this month & now its the 22th. on the 21th (yesterday i had bleeding that started out like how it did in the second picture. then throughout the day it started getting darker with almost a discharge look to it like in the first picture. today is the second day & its like it is on the second picture. its on and off with slight crampings that increase sometimes. its never on the pad, always when i wipe, & if its on the pad its very faintly light. i feel like im coming down with something. could this be implanation bleeding? 


  • please anyone help :( 

  • Oh my word that was graphic! lol! Weren't expecting that!

    Anyway, I am 12 weeks pregnant and I didn't have any implantation bleeding. So sorry I can't help too much.
    The first one looks like alot, the second one looks like it could be. It's strange you aren't getitng any on he pad which suggests its very light like implantation bleeding. Hmm, what other symptoms you had?

    When I fell pregnant I knew something was up because my boobs ached non stop from ovulation week right up to when my period was due. I got loads of cheap pregnancy test strips off amazon which I did every day after ovulation week and then once the faint line got a bit darker I did a clear blue.

    So how many days past ovulation are you? I know how awful this 2 week wait is, so hoping I can help a little bit.

    Jan xx

  • sorry for the graphics! lol. but my symptoms a few days ago was horrible nausea. but it eased & it comes up throughout the day too not only in the morning.. also ive been getting really sleepy. i was 9dpo when the bleeding started but today im 11 dpo. should i wait until im supposed to get my regular period on the 28th to take a test? or does it matter? & you helped :) thank you. 

  • and another symptom is tender boobs lol

  • other opinions? anyone? 

  • To me that looks too much for a implantation bleed but then I never had an implantation bleed on my first one. I didn't even know I was pregnant then. Didn't get any of the symptoms. My second one I was really sick but thought it was the stomach bug that was going around lol. And at the moment I am trying to conceive also trying to find out what I have is the sign of implantation. I am four days late and the past three days have been getting a pinkish, reddish discharge on and off. 

  • Lol it's fine! I can handle it.

    Well your symtoms sound promising. Have you got any cheap tests? The strips are great for the faint line. Then you get a good idea if you are or not. I didn't wait I did a test 6 dpo and everyday after until the line got darker.

    Everyone is different though,

    Please keep me updated.


  • everyone's different @skyrim & knowing that my periods is extremely heavy & became so light plus came so early could mean something but you can be right. but @jwooder im going to do a test tomorrow and ill let you know :) 

  • @skyrim but i hope you're pregnant' (: ! good luck love

  • Good luck to you @roseylee. Fingers crossed that I am. My partner would love a baby (it would be his first kind of) and I would love one . I think my son would make a big brother.

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