I took a positive test on Tuesday night! over the moon then took test Wednesday (2 tests) and thursday and Friday all testing 1-2 weeks last night (sat) took a test negative totally panicked followed by 6 negatives!! What happened?


  • Hi if you tested a positive the followed by 6 negatives it could be that either the tests were faulty or it could be that you was pregnant (early stages) but had a miscarriage. Which is actually very common, a lot of women don't realise they are pregnant when they miscarriage in the first three weeks and just believe its a regular period. But if you took a positive test then 6 negative test, this could be (unfortunately) the case with you. Best talk to your doctor and see what they say.

  • Thanks Iv not had any bleeding at all. I had 5 positive tests right up to Friday night then from saturday iv tested negative so Iv been looking it up and came across chemical pregnancy could that be it? so disheartened 

  • Hi. I had to look up Chemical Pregnancy as never heard of the term before. Didn't know that was just another name for a very early miscarriage. :-( if that is the case with you. My sincere condolences. However in cases like this its best to talk to you doctor. Although early miscarriages like this does not effect you long term so you can try again. Sorry that ai couldn't be of much more help.

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