Stopped Pill after 3rd pill

hi all

I recently went on my honeymoon and so had no break between my pill. I then stopped taking it with about a week left. 5 days later I had a very light 4 day bleed (more brown than red). I started the next pack of pills and upon much discussions with husband I stopped taking this after day 3. a couple of days later I had a heavier bleed but only for 2 days. (12-14th October).

I am now feeling nauseous, tired, have had discomfort during intercourse, had mucus, sharp pains for a couple of days in lower left abdo and mood swings. 

Could I be pregnant? Which day do I count as 1st CD? 

many thanks 


  • 1st cd is the first day of your period. Your cycle continues until the 1st day of your next period

    1dpo is the 1st day after ovulation in your two week wait 

    after coming off the pill its common to get pregnancy symptoms but not be pregnant.  But it's also not impossible to become fertile as soon as you stop taking the pills

  • Thank you or your help. It's funny as I have 2 children and the symptoms are similar to the start of my pregnancies (2nd especiallly) but then I have been thinking maybe it's psychological and positive thinking.

    will keep you updated :) 

  • Going from the date of my first bleed, i was due on yesterday but nothing. I have taken a test but it's negative.

    have I worked this out right? 

  • The first bleed was likely a withdrawal bleed from stopping the pill - this is not a period. I would say that the later bleed (12th Oct) was AF so would could this as CD1

  • Many thanks bubbamumma. I have worked this out to be 12th so will not test until the day after that if AF doesn't show :)

  • If you started your pill again and then stopped I would say the second one was also a withdrawal bleed because of the sudden stop of the pill. 

    i would say you need to start count again from the second bleed like bubbamumma said... good luck

  • Hey,

    I know I said I would wait until the 9th but I thought I would take a first re this morning and this was the result


    What do you think? 

  • I see a second line, possibly an early positive.  Is the second line pink in colour? 

  • Yes it is, very faint so I'm not sure if you can see it in the 1st picture. 

    I have another test so will wait a couple of days with the hope that the levels get stronger. 

    I was desperate for the loo last night but wanted to hold out until the morning. :)

  • I can see it quite clearly and it looks pink.  Fingers crossed for your sticky bean.  

    You could maybe try a clear blue digital in a couple of days 

  • I have another first response which I will try perhaps saturday or Sunday and then see how I get on.

    thank you :) 

    I will keep you posted meme210

  • good luck 

  • image

    This is this morning and we waited for about 30s before the line started to appear :) 

  • Very encouraging 

  • imageGuess so :)

    thank you so much for your help and support @Meme210

  •  O problem congratulations and good luck for a healthy pregnancy 

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