Can anyone give me advise as to whether this test is positive?

I did a clearblue and it was negative.

I had a positive, then negative the next day then this. 

Please help im so confused!imageimage


  • I can see a faint line on there - so I'd say it looks positive! Congratulations 

  • Ok thank you very much.

    Is it a normal thing to test postive and negative?

    Thank you

  • If it was the clear blue digital test that showed as negative, then it happens - they just arent as sensitive to hcg as other tests! x

  • I tested with a cheap on Saturday and it was positive. I then tested with a cheap on Sunday and it was negative. I then tested with a clearblue on monday first thing...negative, hour later tested with the cheap and got the positive( as shown in the pictures)

    Im due on my period in 4 days so im wondering if as its early thats why im getting mixed tests?

  • There is a faint line there so its a positive. And clear blue digi is not so sensitive.

  • Thank you.

    Im more confused now though. Ive tested again this morning (with a cheap one) and its negative....any ideas?

  • Could have a been a chemical pregnancy. (This happens quite often) or it was a false positive. Wait a few more days and try again.

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