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Hello ladies!!!

could any of you tell me thoughts about preseed?

any success stories? Have you been using it as a lube or with the applicators?

im ttc no luck still and thought I would give it a try

would love any comments 


  • Hi Esteraki.

    One of the Ladies on my forum had used this Preseed, as well as soft cups. She did got pregnant that very month :) personally, I've not used it, we are back on track with ttc. Been a long time, we also thought about to use this, but I doubt we will :P we are already at ovulatiin stage, and only can get  Preseed online, within 3-5working days... So if we have no luck again, we might try it in next cycle. 

    I would say do it with the aplicator as it should be... 

  • Thank u for your reply. Will use the applicator. Baby dust to u hope we get our bfp this month!! Fx 

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