2 faint positives, 1 not preg. on Digi ???

I decided to test when I realized that what I thought was AF coming early, was actually spotting image ! Well I can't really confirm that it was spotting but that is what fit the description image . I took a first response test at 12 DPO & got a faint positive image ! So I took another a couple hours later to see if the results came back the same & it was again a faint positive image 2 days later with FMU I tested with a Digi. Clear blue & got a BFN image Could the pregnancy be already terminated ? Because I know that there are no false positives...



  • Clear blue Digi is not so sensitive to hcg so it can give a false a reading.

  • Clear blue digi isn't that sensitive to hcg so could be giving a false reading.

  • Yes, looks like it's too early for the digital.  

    fr are very sensitive, digital tests are probably least sensitive by comparision it was tell you in the instructions at what level it picks up hcg I think fr is 10 and CB 25

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