Am I pregnant ?

No sure if I'm preganant or not.  I didn't get my period this week ..waited three days and did a test and came out negative..not sure if I did the test too early or if I should wait a little longer to test again. I have been feeling tired and when I eat I get nauseous  (sometimes). Also, I have little bumps around my areolas and just notice that I have light purple little circles in my boobs only the left one . Not sure if this is another symptom but my pubic hair hardly grows now this been for atleast 2 or 3 weeks now. Any advice would do help alottt!!!


  • hello!

    your showing symptoms, you can still not have a period and test negative as it all depends on when your implantation was... some ladies have missed a period and had negatives on a test untill 16DPO... it all depends on how much HCG is in your system non pregnant women can have 1-5MIU in there body if you dont already know but HCG doubles every 48hrs so in your case your level of HCG are low and cannot be picked up yet by home pregnancy tests it looks like you are pregnant but is is still early too tell even tho you have missed your period... best thing i would suggest is wait another 2 days and then test again as the HCG rises every 2days so its a better way too see if you are.... do you have messed up periods? have you had any thick white creamy discharge im no doctor but im going off what ive read and there are plently of women in the same place as you and they found out they where pregnant 2weeks after a missed period and had negatives test in between good luck let me know the outcome! wait every 2days too test! x

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