Tesco Pregnancy Test

Does anyone know if Tesco pregnancy tests are any good? It says on box use from day period is due. I actually don't know when that is. :-/ I know its due around about now give or take a few days. But it doesn't say 20mhl or any other number on it. I am getting ones in the next couple days that test 10mhl or whatever the letters are. So if I am too early they should pick it up.


  • home pregnancy that can detect pregnancy 7 days before a missed period that have 10MIU are clear blue  and first response from superdrug they say first response is better than clear blue and is cheaper so yes if your testing early they should pick it up but i would advise you too still wait the day after you suspect your period is due but you will have a more accurate result the closer you are too your period good luck sweetie baby dust too you! x

  • Thank you hopefully find out if I am. I have been showing symptoms of Implantation. As I was getting a pink or brownish discharge on and off and only when I wiped. It has now stopped and still no sign of my monthly. Fingers crossed that I am as would love to have another little one in the family.

  • bless you hun please let me know the results as i need abit of hope for myself as im on my 2 week wait and am 11DPO and period due this friday tested myself today with first morning week but come up BFN hopefully im pregnant as i have been trying for my own little blessing since i lost my first in august at 12weeks old:( all my luck hun! baby dust too you!!!!!!!!

  • Baby dust to you too. Will keep you updated. :-) and good luck

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