BFP or evap line help!!

took the above test on Friday afternoon results came up within 2 minutes and got darker over time (now beginning to fade) took the below test on Sunday night negative at first then changed to positive after 30 minutes so confused! picture was taken on Monday night. any thoughts? image


  • Am afraid if it's after the time allowed it needs to be treated as an evap line. Blue dye are notorious for it :(

  • I thought so just unsure because the test on top results came up within the time frame 

  • It's generally best to use first morning urine with the tests so that may be why they are Faint....

    if you are testing early then there is a chance that it could be a chemical which is where the egg has been fertilised but not implanting. It's v common and ordinarily we wouldn't know about these happening but because of early tests they get picked up a lot and that's why a lot of ladies won't test until AF is late. 

    Fingers crossed for you though. First response tests which are pink are favoured by a lot of ladies as less Evaporations 

  • AF 2 weeks late tomorrow and loads of pregnancy symptoms so just feel at this stage if I were to be pregnant I should be getting positives on all tests. I've read some stories online where some ladies haven't had results until they were a few months gone due to low levels on hcg, will pick up a first response test though ☺️ And if not just wait patiently for AF to make an appearance 

  • If you are that late then maybe you ovulated than you thought? Maybe ask the doctors to do a blood test 

  • Think that's the sensible next stage tbh will give it until the weekend, thanks for your help 😊 

  • HCG blood test definitely :) have you tried a digital Clear blue? Or the clear blue early response test they are very reliable good luck 🍀

  • I have a docs appointment scheduled for later in the week so hopefully able to shed some light until then I'll give anything a try, just need some answers! thanks x 

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