waiting on that BFP!!!!!!!!

hello future mummies and current mummies!:)

currently on my 2 week wait.... M/C about 3mnths ago and been trying ever since am 11DPO today! trying not to test early but my addiction to testing early really brings a downer upon my mood :( tested since 7DPO and still had BFN which has left my purse screaming for money.. oops but never mind that when it comes to testing i cant help myself. tested yesterday at 10DPO and BFN tested this morning  with first wee of the day still BFN i hear that some ladies have found out they are pregnant at 11DPO and some on 12DPO and furter along....still keeping my hope up till my AF arrives  which will be due on the friday the 28th, i think time isnt up until the fat lady sings! had no symptoms whats so ever :( sorry for the info but had white thick creamy discharge(alot) eww ino sorry ladies. just woundering if there are any other beautiful ladies out there still waiting on those BFP!!! and are 11DPO/12DPO or more with no symptoms wish you all lots of luck and wishing you all those BFP this month baby dust to all you ladies out there please feel free too join this thread with any information that can boost my mood on getting this BFP this month need something to work with here as the wait is actually doing my head in and me getting these BFN are crushing me! 

good luck ladies plenty of baby dust! x x


  • Good luck Kate! try to wait until your period due date, early testing as you know can result in BFN even if you are preg. I am also in the 2ww, currently 3dpo, will test 13dpo and no sooner! sending you baby dust xx

  • Hey Ladies!

    I'm also waiting for my BFP been ttc for 10 months now! AF is due today but nothing yet! 

    I actually forgot the date as ive had no other symptoms other than sore and swollen boobs... i dont want to test until monday and i am sick of getting BFN!!!

    Sending you both lots of baby dust!!! xx

  • update for you ladies 

    af was due Friday did test on Friday morning with clear blue but came up BFN☹️️ No sign of af no symptoms I'm now 15dpo and tryin keep the hope going but not sure if I should count myself out this month my partner has said he wants me to get on some contraception and stop trying but I want too keep trying sooo down right now how's things looking for you ladies any luck? Xxx 

  • Hi Kate, ive worked it out that im 8dpo now. You should see your go you know, it still sounds like you might be preg? How come your partner wants you to use contraception? Xx

  • Hello sarahj1985 

    im now 3 days past my af due date and still no sign of af and no pregnancy symptoms Im never late always on time so hopefully this means Im pregs but not testing again till Friday if the test still says BFN then I will call my GP, how are you any sign that you pregnant? And I dont know he's been on edge since I lost my first baby and he's been really keen  making another and I think all these BFN are making him give up hope and putting him down as he really wants this so think he just thought it would be best to save all the heart ache and try again in a few years if I'm not pregnant this time  which u can understand xxx

  • My OH was the same with me.... had a hissy about contraception... don't think he liked the pressure. I stopped talking about it and he hasn't mentioned it again!!!

    are you sure you ovulated when you think you did? I always have a 28 day cycle and never late, but last month I used seven seas and it delayed my OV to day 17 so I had a 31 day cycle for the first time ever!!!!

    clear blue aren't as sensitive as the early tests so maybe try a first response? 

  • Ah Kate that is totally understandable! Fingers crossed for you this time! I'm not sure, I've had nausea the last 3 nights and my boobs are so painful, the most painful they have ever been. I'm going to do a test on friday I think! Xx

  • Nice hearing from you ladies and yes they throw a hissy fit over the littelest things but can't grasp how we feel about the situation, and good sounds promising sarahj1985 hopefully you get that BFP! And fly butterfly fly I haven't tried first response but will be on Friday as I do hear alot that they are literally the best thing too  finding out your pregnant! and yes I suspect i ovulated late but hopefully I got caught in the right time and have a shy peanut maybe my hcg levels are still low as I still have no sign of af but as im typing this message my breast are getting a pulsating feeling at the top by my chest funny how these things happen out of the blue but I dont suspect pregnancy symptoms as  it could be a sharp pain in my chest lol but hey ho who knows anything looking promising for you lovely ladies? I shall be testing again in the morning as I've had a BFN this afternoon and cus I'm a compulsive tester ☹️️ If it's still BFN tomorrow morning as I will be 4 days late on my af then I shall leave it till Friday and if it's still BFN on Friday I will contact my GP and get a blood test but I hope i get my BFP soon! 

    Lots of sticky baby dust too you both please keep me updated on your lovely selfs and thank you so much for taking the time too blog me back 😊 XX 

  • Good luck :)

    i am only 5dpo so a bit too early to report anything really.... boobs are sore but probably because I keep prodding them to see if they are sore!!! 😂 My temp has stayed at 36.68 for the last 5 days which is weird.... may have to check it isn't broken as usually it's quite up and down..... or maybe it's a good sign! 🙊

    Have metal taste but have had that every month after ovulation since my MC so that's no real sign.... the boobs are though.... not usually this sore after ovulation.... or maybe my hormones are just getting back to normal...

  • Did a test this morning using FMU still BFN gutted and yea I'm the same prodding my boobs too much I'm making them sore😂 Good luck hope u get ur BFP soon 

  • Update came on af today 5 days late 😔 Gutted  maybe next month 

  • Sorry to hear tha. Hugs 

  • Thank you any news with you 

  • Nah, 7dpo and it's dragging! 

  • Ah Kate I'm the same, started spotting today and I always spot before my period, I'm gutted 😔

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