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Worried sick 🤔

hello im new on here i just wanted to say that i'm abit worried.yestday i have sex all kinder ways including the dogy style he cumed in me for a few hours i went to the loo and in my knickers there was sticky dichard but didnt take any notice but i was thinking would.i get pregnant on my ovlasion sorry for the spellings oh ive tried golw app but some people are so rude on there plz could help me thanks 


  • yes you can get pregnant on your ovulation depending on what day your release an egg and when you become fertile if you have had sex within the ovulation window period chances are that you might get caught and as for the sticky discharge was it clear? egged white type? white creamy discharge but note that if you are trying to get pregnant that it is known to be better when you have every other day sex as this keeps the sperm fresh and strong but if you are constantly making your man empty his jewels more than a few times a day then the sperm can be weak. 

  • If you had sticky discharge after having sex all day then it's more likely to be the semen coming out.

    positions will have nothing to do with it, if you had sex during your fertile time then yes you can get pregnant. if you are trying to get PG then you need to wait until your period is due and do a test.... if you aren't then there is the morning after pill. Sperm can also live for up to 5 days. 

  • What is it that you are worried about? 

  • Oh my discharge is now light egg and my pee is draker  yellow ish but now and then i do feel a pain but the it goes but going to watie and see 

  • flybutterflyfly and kate176 thanks baby dust to you all ximage

  • today my discharge is like.milky white and now and then i. do get pains x and achs and headach too but staying postive

  • It will be too soon for you to tell if you are pregnant. It's generally 10 days after ovulation before a positive will appear and even then it may still be too early.... you wouldn't be getting symptoms a day or 2 days after having sex.

     what is it you are actually worried about?

  • Just scard i wont get pregnant hun and i dont want to be a let down with my man

  • It doesn't always happen straight away. It was 15 months before I got pregnant after coming off of BC. i miscarried at 10 weeks in July and have been trying ever since. All you can do is make sure that you have sex around the time of ovulation to give you the best chance. Once the egg is released you only have a 12-24 hour window as the egg only lives that's long. 

    Try not to stress about it, because that won't help. And don't feel let down if it doesn't happen first time. 

  • For the last few days ive been having alot of white discharge but very light milky clou dont i dont know why is that normal as im ttc and i my ovlasion day plz help

  • Do you know you actually ovulated? 

    It is normal to have milky discharge after ovulation and leading up to AF. Or it could be a sign of PG. Every woman is different and there is no way to tell.

    last month I had creamy up to AF, the month before it was watery. i can't remember what it was like when I was PG in May as we werent actually trying but I don't recall it being anything unusual. 

  • I  ovulated on the 24th october and i had sex after that ive been having alot of white milky and alot of hot flash image

  • Do you do any other tracking? Those apps are just a guess based on an average luteal phase of 14 days.... not everyone is the same though. 

    I ovulate on a different day each month usually any time between day 12-14 but last month was day 17, so my period was late.

    if you ovulated earlier than this day and only had sex on the 24th then it is unlikely you are pregnant as the egg only lives 24 hours. Thats why lots of ladies have sex every other day throughout their cycle so that there are sperm waiting for it when it's released.

    fingers crossed that you mananged to catch it. If you did ovulate on Monday then that would make you 5dpo... some Ladies start testing at 10 dpo

    good luck

  • Today i have been keeping an eye on my dischard and tonight i went shopping was fine until i had a light headed come on i grab the trolly but then it went away i didnt know what is was or anythink i had loads of waterman  and i wasnt hurry as i already eaten keep getting a sharpe pain on my left side come and goes im not stress out as im relaxing and keeping carlm is it normal

  • I would say that it's still too early to be getting dizzy spells.... but who knows. All you can do is wait until it's time to take a test. Believe me I have convinced myself every month that I am pregnant with my symptoms.... this month I am trying not to think about any of it because it will drive you mad and it's just upsetting when AF arrives. 

    Maybe you should track your temperature etc. Next time if not successful so that you can pinpoint ovulation 

  • AmyJane, I think your causing your self unnecessary stress!!!! Your predicted ovulation day was 24th Oct based on the above, and you have been worrying about pregnancy symptoms since. There is no way you would have gotten symptoms that quickly! 

    Like Butterfly has explained a couple of times, symptoms won't start to appear until around 10 dpo, and even that is very, very early!!! I am now 15 weeks pregnant, and had no signs until around 15 dpo. Even then, they were very similar to my normal period symptoms.  

    Please stop worrying - you may well have conceived this month, but you just won't know yet. Stressing about every possible symptom will only make you feel worse. 

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