need some positive feedback here ladies!

is anyone on this site currently in the waiting stage to find out they are pregnant and are 11/12DPO or more and had no symptoms they are pregs and still had no positive result after or before period im really struggerling here need someone talk to as im on the verge of a break down after testing BFN ive lost my first and its going to be hard to accept that im not pregnant if i get my AV as ive been trying for a baby for a long time! HELP ME PLEASE NEED SOMETHING TOO KEEP ME GOING av is due on friday and i suffer with depression and anxiety and this is really sending my head into over drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everywhere i look on pages women are pregs and my friends are falling pregs like nothing! 


  • Hi Kate! 

    I'm also waiting hun, AF is due today but nothing so far! I've had no signs of either so god knows what is going on!

    I know the feeling hun, it gets so frustrating doesn't it! But there are plenty of lovely ladies on here that are going through the same and are always here to talk! I know it sounds impossible but try to stay positive, perhaps some meditation to calm your mind or i've just started to read 'the secret' and its all about energies and using the universal to get what you desire... worth a shot ay? nothing else seems to be working right now!

    Hope you get your BFP soon!! xx 

  • We have a long running thread over here if you want to join us? We are all POAS addicts and a bit crazy 😂

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