I Am Trying To Get Pregnant But I Just Can't .

I Have Been Trying To Get Pregnant, I Have Been Using The Ovulation Calender But It Doesn't Seem To Work What Am I Doing Wrong Someone Help Me Figure It Out Please!!!image



  • Hi how long have you being ttc?

  • Those calendars are just an estimate based on cycle length and averages. It isn't a given. 

    Best way to track ovulation is to temp and use ovulation sticks to detect your hormone surges. 

    Use a basal thermometer every day the minute you wake up. On ovulation it will dip and then go up afterwards. Using OPK sticks will show when you are nearing this time and it's best to have sex leading up to ovulation and on the day of if you can. 

    The only way you will know for sure is by doing this. I ovulate on different days between day 10-14 and lass month was delayed because of stress to day 17. 

    Unless you are having sex every other day throughout your cycle theN the best way to get it at the right time is to actually track.

    good luck 

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