36 TTC #1 low egg count

TTC #1 36 low egg count

I'm 36 and ttc #1. OH and I had tests and I have low egg reserve of 8.6 which is quite low (should be between 5.5-37.4 for my age range of 35-39 years of age) which now worries me after 10 months ttc. Using ov tracking now, and regular but no success yet. Also started folic acid, OH on zinc. Worried if I'll ever get pregnant and go for IVF. OH has good sperm count but motility issues, so is giving up smoking with champix now. Anyone been in this position? Any advice or success stories please?




  • I'm 23 and I wasn't ovulating I had 2 mc then I had bloods done each month to see if I was ovulating and I wasn't so I gave up the drs wasn't interested as we've only been trying for 15 months and we are young but the month we never tried I actually got pregnant and I'm 14 weeks so all I'm saying is chuck the ov sticks away and have fun that's what we did and worked first time considering I wasn't ovulating then that month I did good luck 🍀

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