2ww anyone having symptoms?

Hi I'm currently 4dpo, just wondering if anyone had any symptoms at this point or if it's the ok early? Thanks in advance x


  • Hi I am new to this! Have being ttc for 7 months now!! AF due in 8 days.. but last day or so had some left side cramping and what feel lime AF pains but not as bad! Not sure what to think don't want to get my hopes up!! Would welcome any advance! And i know people who have being 4dpo and have had symptoms!! X

  • Hi chloe

    thanks for the reply! I've had intermittent abdo pain, similar to period cramps for the last day or 2 and yesterday had tingly breasts. This 2 weeks is going to drag, I am so impatient xx

  • I'm 10 days late for period and all tests are saying negative 😔 Got really swollen boobs and nipples though, keep feeling sick and clear cervical fluid 

  • Madambel have you been to the dr for blood tests?x

  • Hi

    I'm 4dpo and we've been trying to convince for 4 months now. Trying not too symptom spot but finding it so difficult.

    2dpo I had period like cramps for a few hours and my boobs have been tender and bigger I swear since then but I know I get this before af so I don't want to think this is anything other than that. I also noticed some veins on my boobs and a slightly like tugging in my stomach sometimes but it's very faint and I could be making it up I guess.

    Got out of shower this evening and I have 2 massive red spots on my cheek now.

    These above symptoms mostly happen when my period is due but as I've literally only just ovulated I really don't know what to think

  • No ive been either waiting for a positive test or a period first. ive read cases where it's taken up to 7 weeks for anything to come up. I've also been told that if it says negative on a home test a blood test will be nagative too? 

  • Hi everyone. 

    i am 12dpo. Can you tell me what you think of this please? I've done 4 tests with a very faint line and 3 negatives so I'm really confused!!! 


    thanks xxx

  • I got a BFP yesterday at 9dpo, and I had symptoms from 6dpo. 

    My breasts were not tender at all, nor are they now. However I am getting dull pains around them. I have been having dull achy cramps in my uterus pretty consistently since 6dpo and had sharper pains to begin with but they seem to have stopped. Apart from a headache (which I am not counting as a symptom at the moment) I don't think there is anything else. Today is the first day I feel a bit queesy and feel like I have acid reflux (although I have never had this before, so I am just guessing that that is what it is!)

    Good luck everyone!

  • congrats olivesun! i hope that everything goes well for you! 

  • I know so am I this is my 2nd time ttc! Hate waiting keep wondering if im just looking out for things! Xx

  • That's how I feel chloe13, i dont know if I'm fooling myself when I feel unwell or have back ache. I just really want that positive test. I found a really good forum last night that made me feel reassured that loads of women can wait upto 10 weeks before they get a positive result!

  • Its alright! I hate it to.. feel like we have bring ttc forever! Keeo wondering if im justlooking for symptoms! Xx

  • Madambel, I would ring the Drs, it shouldn't take 10 weeks before you have levels of hcg, you would nearly be 3 months pregnant. Congrats olive and Louise! Looks positive to me! Laura we are both 5 days po today, we can countdown together ha ha!x

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