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Am I pregnant?

hi all. I'm new to this chat, me and my partner have been ttc for a while now, started taking boots trying to conceive tablets almost a month ago, I'm due on next week and have felt symptoms of pregnancy? I did a test yesterday and it was very faint. I did one this morning and nothing.  I did another this evening and still faint but darker than yesterday's.. what does everyone think? Could I be pregnant? Could this be my BFP imageimage


  • Hi! I can see the faint line but if AF isn't due for another week probs best waiting until then then should know for sure!! 

    I am 8 days away from AF and 7th month of ttc! It is so agonising!!! 

  • Oh I know.. the wait is just pure hell. I've done another test today and the line is there again.. but a little darker.. the pictures don't do them justice to be fair. 

    Have you done a test yet? 


  • I am 10 days late today. And I took a test yesterday I waited two minutes and when I saw it was negative after 2 minutes I threw it away and my mom found it in the trash and sent me this picture it doesn't look like an evap to me, the vertical one is the one that magically appeared after I threw it away what do you guys think? 


  • I think it obvious that you have to take a new test, and maybe different brand...

    And this one, from the pic, to me lioks like all three lines have different colours really. For a 10 days late it shoud really appear within the time frame. Repeat the test and see a doctor. 

  • Yeach I am taking another test in the morning I was just trying to prepare myself for the result. I saw the water trick thing and I pulled that test apart and soaked the drip in water this is what the rest looks like after being put back together, I wasn't nervous until the what is supposed to be the evap didn't disappear when the water was added. And if I get another shady test I am going to give in and just get the blood work done.


  • Just go to the doctor, what's there to wait for?? The first test is shady but positive... Putting water on it won't make it negative or anything else. You better of buying a new test and taking that one if you still don't believe it, you know, clear blue that actually says "pregnant". Will save you all the other combinations.

  • Well af showed up this morning. Lighter than usual but she's definitely here. I guess it was just an evap. 

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