I have my AF .. But before AF came I suspected I was pregnant so I took a HPT .. It came back faint positive ! So I took another a couple hours later & again a faint positive . But I just got my AF 2 days ago with really really bad cramps, by far the worst cramps I've ever had .. I threw up last night at work & this morning when I woke up . Could I be pregnant & still have my period ???


  • If you were testing before AF was due you may have picked up on a chemical pregnancy which are v common, this is when an egg is fertilised but doesn't implant. This happens a lot and most of the time we wouldn't know about it but with the invention of early tests, we are testing earlier and earlier and they are being picked up only to be flushed out when our periods come. That's why many ladies wait until they have missed AF before testing to avoid getting their hopes up.

    best thing to do is to test again and see if it's still positive.

    fingers crossed for you.... have heard that some ladies do bleed and still have a BFP.

    good luck x

  • Thank you so much for your insight and kindness image I've been on many forums lately only to be judged & put down . You are much appreciated ❣

  • This is the nicest one and I have read through loads.....

    after i had my miscarriage the ladies on here were amazing and have helped me through it all. Definitely hang around on this one :) 

    hope it's a good outcome for you x

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