Seven Seas Trying for a baby

Hi all! 

I started taking seven seas trying for a baby tablets 2 weeks ago, Ive read a few things and was advised by a friend that they are really good. I've seen success stories after one 28 day packet.  I have a son who is 7 and have been TTC for 4 months with no luck. 2 years ago I wasn't deliberately ttc but I done nothing to potentially stop it from happening for 1 year with no pregnancies. Can anyone who's been ttc for some time tell me they succeeded?  I'm start to worry and thinking something might be wrong 😭


  • I came off of the injection in March 2015. We weren't trying but weren't preventing. 

    i had stress with work and also had a spinal fusion in March 2016 which was a big op with a lot of pain relief afterwards.... morphine etc. 

    In May 2016 I found out I was pregnant.... 15 months after stopping the injection. (Sadly ended in MC in July)

    If you have been actively trying for over a year and nothing they say to go the doctors.... remember stress can affect it too. I think that having my op and then starting a new job got rid of the stress and that's how I fell.... also it's important to note that I only see my OH at weekends and I think we just got lucky with OV day! 

    Good luck x

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