Urgh am I seeing things?!

hello ladies. I'm 10/11 dpo and have had the same symptoms as with my two previous pregnancies - b a d cold, burbing nipples, on and off diarrhoea and feeling weird. I've done two tests this am and I think I see faint lines. Please help! PS we dtd on cd 11 with projected ovulation date cd10/11. Inhave 24/25 day cycles and am on cd21 today. Thank you all xoxo xoxo imageimage


  • Hi seaside chick, I can't see anything but that's not to say there isn't a positive line, it might just be the quality of the pic. Good luck xx

  • Hi and thanks for your reply. It's so hard to get the focus ok when up close! i took a million pics lol. I had promised myself not to test early as I had a chemical pregnancy in September and another in March, as well as a few with my ex husband. Grrr at squinting at these tests! Xxx

  • I totally get it, im only 5dpo and trying to hold off until next week ha! x

  • Oh no, hope your 2ww goes fast! 5dpo...poor you! Hate the waiting. I've got two children and remember the waiting with them. Argh. My bbs are killing me now. Roll on weekend so I can test again!!

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