Coonfused late period symptoms but all tests look like evaps

Okay, so my period was due monday (25-10-16) ive been havimg a few symptoms sore boobs, icky feeling,, back pain whih got so bad i couldnt even walk & paramedics came out (tjpugh all they said was take paracetamol) and ive had runny nose and cold symptoms since last friday. I feel like im on but i go to the bathroom and theres npthung there. Ive taken about 5 tests. Superdrug own brand and  cheapie. All have the faintest second line thag  i thought i was seeing things but hhbby can see them too, but theyre tooooo faint to pick up on camera. I passed it off as evaps because of how faint they are but its on all the tests. Surely i cant have 5 evaps im a row? However im passed my expected af surely it would be darker now? Has Nybody else had this? Its our 7th monrh of ttc and its gettong to the point where im tired cause hD so many poaitive that turned into chemicals or false positives. Ive had cramps but so far they have been nothing painfull juat dull aches or odd twinges. I usually get severe cramping days leadung up to AF.

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