Help! Has anyone else had a positive OPK day AF is due and then got BFP?!?

Hey Ladies,

So we have been ttc for 10 months now after 5 years on the pill, 4 months ago i started to ovulate on a monthly basis again, AF has always been regular give or take a few days.

This month i did not do OPK as it was stressing me out so thought id take some time off, i still got the signs etc at the time i was expected to ovulate but did not test... until today when AF is due, i use CB and today i got a flashing face! I just thought i would do one for some reason lol! and now i'm wondering if anyone has had this and then got a BFP? I dont want to test until next week as im so tired of getting BFN! 

Thanks in advance xx


  • Some people say that a postive OPK is an indicator of PG although I always get a positive OPK on my AF. Think it's something to do with the hormones which is annoying.... and no proper answer for you am afraid :( 

  • Thank you for your reply flybutterflyfly,  I've read so many threads today lol!

    oh really? ive not done one this close to af before but will kind that in mind! thank you!

    Im determined not to test until next week although i will probably end up giving in and doing it this weekend lol... i normally have more signs of pms by now but ive had nothing apart from sore and swollen boobs... only time will tell... fingers crossed! xx

  • I've had a positive opk just b4 AF too and not pg.

    Ive also had a very positive opk at 12dpo and have been pg.

    If it's a flashy clear blue it's just recognising the LH and oestrogen which is always present in our system:) A static smiley I'd say do a test just incase:) Do you have a cheapie opk as when preggers my test line was loads darker than control line:)

    Good luck 🍀

  • Hi missmyangels,

    Thank you for your reply! 

    It was CB static face... i will test on monday if af hasnt arrived i purposely did not buy a test this month as i will think about it constantly! After 10 months im getting a bit frustrated but it will be all worth it in the end! 

    are you currently pregnant or ttc? xx

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