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Test confusion


Hey girls! So ttc onto month 5 with no luck yet! boo. anyhow. so i have 34 days cycles today is af due date. las night I sent my oh to Asda for some clear blue cross pics at like 12am so I had one for the morning if af didn't show. Well he bought a pack of two n the fact it says test 6 days early on the box i cracked n took one. Instantly and I mean instantly the cross appeared. very faint but there. I decided to just go to sleep n see what happened in the morning half 7 i woke up n took the other. again straight away the line came up not even 10 seconds n it was there and slightly darker. All sounds good right? Well I've heard so much about blue dye tests so I went and got a Superdrug's early test and start white negative. Tried a one from the chemist. also negative. i know it wasn't fmu n wasnt strong pee but does that really matter? im so confused now. I know blue dye are notorious but these came up instantly and as thick as the control line and right in the centre. Am I just clinging on to nothing?? image


  • I would check the back of the box or the leaflet that came with the tests, but Im sure these particular Clear Blue tests need a cross in the box, and not just a horizontal line. I could be wrong, because I know the do several different kinds, but I did these when I was late for AF and turned out I was pregnant... 

  • I can see a very faint glow only on the negative ones. They are 25miu so odd that a Superdrug early test wouldn't show a line as they are only 10miu. I know a lot of ladies have suffered evaps but I never have personally! 

    Alm you can do is leave it 48 hours as that's how long it'll take your HCG to double should you be pg and test with fmu with another Superdrug early or first response:)

    good luck 🍀

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