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Hey everyone

I have been taking folic acid tablets from the very first day that me and my partner tried for a baby. I have only just realised that of that I should have been using them three months prior to conception. Will this affect me or my chances at all? If anyone could give me advice, it would be much appreciated. Thanks :)


  • No it won't lower your chances... And folic acid is mainly for the fetus development not just some pills....  Keep taking it all the time, visit a doctor to run some tests if your health is okay before you concieve. And read up some more stuff about ttc, early and whole pregnancy stages. And also it's your partners health and diet too... 

  • Thank you, I was just worried that by taking it whist TTC, instead of beforehand, I was worried it might mess everything up. Me and my partner are both healthy, and I've been taking folic acid tablets as I have been advised to. Just worried that I didn't take them soon enough

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