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Confused about chart


This is my first month at all of this and as you can see from my chart I have been rather forgetful and if I have forgotten to take my temp before getting out of bed then I didn't bother taking it at all as i knew it wouldn't be accurate. Could anyone make any sense of the chart please? I just feel as though it's allover the place and don't really know what to make of it, thanks in advance!!


  • Looks like you might have ovulated on cd13 and then your temps went Up.... but with a weeks worth missing it's hard to tell. If your high temps continue that's a good sign :)

  • Thanks for your reply, I know I really need to get into the hang of this and stop missing days out or I'll never be able to understand my charts x

  • It is a pain.... I was away traveling a Lot last month and I didn't know where I was! Now I have confirmed my ovulation I am probably not going to bother as I always end up obsessing over it all! 

    Am going to stop tracking now as it is very stressful. I am 4dpo now so that's it for me after this cycle 

  • Yeah I think I may end up obsessing so may just chart untill I know if and roughly when I ovulate just so I have some idea x

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