PCOS, want to get pregnant naturally

Hi Guys,

I just wanted some advice really, I've been with my partner for 4 years I'm 24 and have PCOS.

We are both ready to have a child, but I have never gotten pregnant, we know the problem lies with me because of my polysistic ovarys, and before we got together he did get his ex girlfriend pregnant twice (she did not keep the baby) 

When I went to the hospital about a year ago we both went in for tests and my results came back that my pcos was quite bad... his sperm results came back good and above average. 

I did not continue the hospital appointments as I decided I did not really want fertility drugs I really want to do it naturally, I've tried ovulation kits and timed my periods ( which have only just became regular the last 3 months, before that they were once a year) the ovulation kits have confirmed I do ovulate at the right time.. but still nothing is happening

Can anyone give me any advice to conceive naturally 

Thankyou :)


  • Hi,

    I have some pretty generic advice you might have heard before but I'll give it a go anyway lol.

    Are you having sex in the days leading up to ovulation as well as just on the day? The sperm meets egg plan worked for me, where you get the sperm in there a couple of days before ovulation too so it is waiting for the egg already. Sperm can live for 3 or 4 days inside you no probs. 

    Pre-Seed lubricant can also help conceive and lying down after sex for half an hour or so probably doesn't hurt. It's a bit of an old wive's tale but I've seen lots of people on forums like this swear it worked for them and I did it too so you never know.

    The month I got pregnant I was also taking a Seven Seas Folic Acid and B-Vitamins supplement pill every day and stopped drinking caffiene.

    Good luck on your ttc journey! x

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