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so im on cd23 and my af is due on sunday the 6th so Im 6 days away......

I think I ovulated on sat 22nd or  sunday 23rd so id be 9dpo or 8dpo.

Havent really felt anything that I would attribute to a symptom had some light cramps but nothing i would say was painful. My boobs are sore but they always are between af and ov. 

Anyway I went to the toilet this afternoon and wiped and had a small like line of pink on the tissue it really wasnt that much at all just made the toilet paper a pink colour id say and then I went back about 30 mins later and it was gone.

I really dont want to get my hopes up but could this be my month?


  • Sounds promising.... my IB was quite heavy - thought it was an early AF and used a tampon. Got a BFP 2 weeks later. (Wasn't trying so only tested when late) 

    they say it's about 4 days for hcg to show, so if you are an early tester, start testing then :) 

  • Thanks its so nerve wracking.

    I've been keeping a track of my days this month but it does seem a bit early for af to appear.

    Really dont want to get my hopes up as it was such a tiny amount of pink blood but it was definitely there...Going to try to give it until the weekend to test.

  • Good luck :) I am 4dpo and the wait is killing me!!!

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