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CD50 no period!

Hi all

Hopefully some of you can give me some advice here as I am totally confused and frustrated!

After being on the pill for over 10years, I came off it in May, had my withdrawal bleed and then 2 weeks later a 'normal' period. 27 days later I had another period so thought all was going great! Since then its been 37, 40, 45 and now this time as of today I am on day 50 image 

I keep thinking AF is on way, especially last day or so as ive had slight brown tinge to CM when i wipe. Done a hpt on day 45 and day 49 but still BFN.

Been to the docs about 3 weeks ago and was basically told its just my body adjusting but I'm getting so frustrated!!

Any advice is greatly appreciated! Xx

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