Am I? Is it possible?

Afternoon. Ok been TTC for a couple of months now. Did go a bit crazy with the symptoms but calmed down. recently I have new things happening not sure if it is me though. I am about a week away from AF but over the last week I've had increase white cm since, food is tasting so much better even cups of tea smells are stronger. I even smelt someones lunch from 3 offices away today and i knew what it was. Back has been aching all week and sex feels amazing I feel everything. Boobs have been aching a bit and more recently ive been feeling the nips in the bra when walking and I've had the odd tingling sensation only for a couple of seconds though. I've been more warmer then usual which I'm not gonna knock coz its getting colder now. I've also had quite a few little rumbling feelings in the stomach like little flutters sometimes then some like AF is due. My nose has been a bit runny noy full on cold or anything. I'm just not sure I am reading too much in to it all?? Help


  • If AF is still a week away then I would say it seems a bit early to be experiencing symptoms.. I wouldnt read too much in to it, but defo test as soon as AF doesnt show her face!! Good luck

  • Thank you for replying. 

    As am sitting here now I am getting funny cramps low down not quite like AF but feeling like I've come on no sign yet too early for that. I need to put this to the back of my mind and what till next week. Thanks again x

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