Not pregnant??

I was on the pill (combined) for 7 months. I was supposed to start a new pack on the 27th of October since I'm a day one starter. I missed that pill and later on that same night my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. He ejaculated outside, then put it back in for a few strokes. Got my withdrawal bleed a couple of hours later. What are my chances of getting pregnant if now I’ve missed 7 pills and I keep spotting and cramping. I have a 24 day cycle. I haven't had unprotected sex since. Does missing pills make you ovulate? is it true that sperms can live for up to 5-7 days inside? 


  • If you have missed pills then you are not protected and there is a chance you could fall PG, as it's these hormones that prevent you from ovulating, so if that hormone is stopped then your body will kick in. Some ladies take several months to start ovulating after BC so you might be OK.

    sperm does live for up to 7 days in the right environment and sperm can be released before ejaculation. 

    All you can do now is wait and see

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