Am I imagining it !


13/10/16 I had miscarriage, was 10 weeks 2 sacs one empty, but other baby stopped growing at 6. I'm 41 so time running out for me, although I've a BB age 18 month and 4 older kids, so don't want be greedy ! 

My hubby only has our LB and we'd both love another, devastated after MC . 

Since MC I've had the egg white CM pretty much straight away, and we've been trying TC since bleeding stopped. I'm only 2 weeks since MC bleeding stopped, but in my head I'm convinced I'm pregnant again and my boobs are tingly every now and then, I think I'm looking for signs 😞 ... not sure if I'm imagining all this because I want another baby so much😖 anyone else experienced this and had positive results, I know it's early days post MC 



  • Sorry for your loss. Have you done a test to make sure that the hcg from your previous pregnancy is out of your system?

    after my MC I was convinced I was PG straight away but it was just my hormones settling down... I was the same as you, 10 weeks but baby had died at 7 weeks. I had an ERPC so the bleeding had stopped straight away after that. 

    Our bodies can play tricks on us. I am on cycle 4 now and have tried to stop symptom spotting because it makes you crazy. 

  • Hi thanks for reply, yeah I tested couple days into MC tested Negative and again after bleeding stopped... so definitely no pregnancy hormone traces from previous pregnancy. 

  • it's a difficult one after MC because our cycles can be messed up.... think that's probably why the doctors recommend to have a period before trying again to take out the guess work, but when do we ever listen 🙊

  • Haha yeah, especially when we want something 😜. 

    Well I guess time will tell, away for our anniversary this weekend so the break will take our minds off things for a while ... GL to you also in trying get pregnant again, never easy after a loss xx

  • It's pain like I have never experienced.... good luck to you too x

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