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Sore nips

hello ladies

was wondering is sore nipples a sign that ovulation happened or could it also be an early pregnancy sign (wishful thinking) did any of u experience it and then af arrived? Or a bfp?

would love to read some answers 



  • I had sore nipples before my bfp. Still have them now at 13 weeks lol. Good luck x

  • I have sore nipples from ovulation through to AF they ease for 6-7 days then start all over again!! It used to be a sign of pregnancy with my last 3 babies except it was the sides of my boobs that ached with pregnancy and sore nips followed at about 6-7 weeks but we are all very different!! My first proper sign is peeing loads in the day😂

    Good luck hope it's your bfp 😊🍀

  • Thank u for your answers 

    scribble can I ask which dpo did  u notice  them? Was it straight after ov or later on in your cycle ?

  • I had sore Nipples a week before my BfP but wasn't trying so just assumed it was because AF was due. 

    This cycle mine were sore on ovulation and have continued to do so now until now at 8dpo. Every month my body throws in a new symptom to guess over 

  • Hey fly,

    its crazy what our bodies do (in terms of symptoms) since we start TTC

    For me sore nipples has happened before and ended in af but the difference this cycle is that it has lasted longer .

    I think I must be around 4-5 dpo and sore nips started from ovulation and haven't gone.. last time it started it was only for a day.

    did u have any other symptoms before your bfp? 

    these TWW are killing me-and every month it's the same  say I'm not going to symptom spot and guess what......

  • I wasnt actively trying at the time so I have to keep trying to remember... 

    tender nipples, bloating, constipation, spots, heartburn, taste in my mouth, IB at about 6dpo (don't actually remember) irritable and snappy...  think that was about it.... the boobs were the worse though..... got really bad to the point they were on fire.

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