Pregnancy Symptoms Mysteriously Back 2 Weeks After MC...?

Dont really know how to start this so sorry in advance if any TMI. 

On Oct. 16 I suffered a miscarriage of my first child. I thought I was only about 4 weeks but after seeing what I thought was the fetus pass I would say I was actually closer to two months and thatthe period I had experienced previously was actually implantation bleeding. 

My symptoms pretty mich started from the moment of conception and I had everything under the sun. Sore breasts, aversions to foods and smells, food cravings, tingling and cramping in my uterus, extreme fatigue and nausea. I also had the most terrible acne I've ever  experienced. Insomnia...

Fast forward to my MC and according to the doctor it was a completed MC. My HGC levels were 18 the first time they were tested and 4 the time after that. 

The most heart breaking part of it all was that as soon as the MC started all my pregnancy symptoms left. They were just totally gone and didn't return... That is until about two days ago. Almost all of them have come flooding back in one go. 

My fiance and I have had unprotected sex three times starting from 2 weeks after my MC but each time he used the pull out method to try and avoid pregnancy as I am Australian and have to return home soon because my visa doesn't permit me to be in America for much longer and being uninsured over here is crazy expensive. 

Any other time we have made love we have used a condom. 

My question is has anyone first first of all had all their pregnancy symptoms completely go away after a MC only to have them come back and what caused it? Everything I've read had been that the symptoms lingered because of hormone levels but mine were literally gone then came back. 

Also habe many many of you gotten pregnant from pre ejaculation? I know it is possible but I'm not sure how likely it was especially considering at most I'm about 2.5 weeks past my miscarriage. 

I tested using a Clear Blue pregnancy test but it came up with an error and was my last one. I felt like these symptoms aren't in my head but at the same time I don't think the likelihood of me being pregnant is all that high!

Any theories would be much appreciate!


  • Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I think it is definately possible to get pregnant again straight after a miscarriage, as long as you are ovulating I don't see why not. The pull out method is not proper protection as you know so also could be possible. Maybe take another test in a week if you still have symptoms but I would avoid the clear blue digital ones, they are not sensitive at all and can give you false negatives if you are very early on. Add that to the errors a lot of people tend to get and they're basically a waste of money. 

  • Thanks for the reply and your condolences Scribble. 

    haha Yes the pull  method is most ineffective. My fiancé keeps saying sore to me if I am pregnant because he knows how devastated I was losing our last one but I keep saying to him that if it's come again this soon it's meant to be and it's nothing to apologize for. 

    I don't know emotionally if I want it to go either way but I will take your advice and get another test that's not clear blue in another week to see what's going on. I think it's definitely a possibility especially considering my symptoms were completely gone and now are back. 

    Thanks again!☺️

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