What's happening?

What's happening?

So where currently trying for baby number 2. I was convinced I was pregnant had all the symptoms but then yesterday (6th Nov) I had a bleed (enough to need a pad and was red) I'm not due my period until the 10th and  not normally early but I just put it down to it had come early but then today ( 7th Nov ) the bleeding has stopped? So now I'm a bit confused at what's going on, anyone had anything similar happen who could shed some light for me Please 


  • When I fell PG I got what I thought was my period over a week early and it turned out to be IB. It was enough to have to use a tampon and really thought it was my period. Good luck. Thing is, they say you don't get symptoms until implantation has happened as it's the hcg that gives the symptoms... 

    good luck

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