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Negative preg test but really feel pregnant?!

hi ladies so I'm full of questions and impatiences now which im hoping someone can help me with! 

I took a test this morning (4days before period is due) which came back negative. for about a week and a half now on and off I've been getting sharp pains in my left side and abdomen, and a dull aching pain in my lower back. I've also been needing to pee more and been waking up with headaches. This symptom may be completely irrelevant but only yesterday I felt a straining pain in my bum cheeks (Sorry if TMI lol) and down the backs of my thighs as if I had done a really intense work out and pulled my muscles! that sort of pain! only yesterday I've also been having achy boobs but not sore or sensitive to touch. 

My ovulation date was estimated to start around 27/10, is it possible that I'm resting too early? is it possible to get symptoms as early at 1/2 weeks? has anyone been in the same situation as me? I should probably add that I've been on the pill for 4 years until me and my OH decided we wanted to TTC, so I came off the pill only at the beginning of Oct. 

any reaponses would be appreciated. thank you 🤗


  • testing too early*

  • You are probably testing too early yes. Wait til your period is actually due before you test, it will save you money and disappointment.

  • Hi Scribble, thanks for the response. The confusing thing is, im not 100% sure when my period is due as I came off my pill mid pack on the 8th oct and had a withdrawal bleed 11th-15th oct. we have been BD about 4/5 times a week since, as not sure on ovulation date (estimated at 27th) as I've been on pill for 4 years until now. I then bled on 26th & 27th oct which was reasonably heavy and red but only last two days? when my usual period lasts 5-6 days. 

  • Your periods are probably different because of the pill.... you won't know what a true period is like for you once its is out of your system. I have also heard that if ovulation hasn't happened the period can be lighter and less painful..... it may well be that that bleed was your period and now you are gearing up for ovulation. Maybe take your temps and use OpKs

  • Hi. I would say that the first bleed you had after stopping the pill was your withdrawal bleed, and then the 2nd (the 2 days) was your period. 

    Like Butterfly says, you wont know what your true period is like at the moment - the periods you have been getting on the pill are because of the hormones in the pill so although they were around 5 days on the pill, it is likely they will be different than that when you aren't. It can take some time to get your cycle back to 'normal' when you come off the pill - but it sounds like you are already well on your way. I would class the 2nd bleed as your period, and start counting from there.

    If you really want to pinpoint your ovulation this month, try ovulation testing strips. I havent used them before, but I know from reading that there are a lot of lovely ladies on this forum that do :-)

    Good luck :-) 

  • Thank you ladies. this has been truly very helpful! How do I test temp for ovulation? thanks x

  • I'm similar. We TTC 17th October, and supposedly I ovulated 22nd, I've had every symptom possible and I'm now on my 3rd day of being late however I did a test Saturday and it was 'not pregnant' xxx

  • You need to use a special basal thermometer. Take your temp at the same time every morning before you get out of bed or do anything. On ovulation day it will dip and then your temps will climb the day after and stay elevated until AF or  bfp. It's the only way to actually confirm exact OV day.... my days are different every month. If OV is delayed then your AF will be late and vice VerSa. Try opks too..... Temp's are good for confirming but once the climb has happened you have missed the window so a good idea to use OPks too

  • I think I'm going to wait Annon, atleast another week. The symptoms I'm having may just be from ovulating rather than early pregnancy symptoms but ill start tracking as of next month if we are unsuccessful this friend came off her pill and fell pregnant within two weeks! And she had no idea when her period was etc As she hadnt had one before catching! crazy how quickly it can happen! best of luck to you x

    Thank you flybutterflyfly, very useful. ☺️

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