Trying to conceive

Hi eeveryone, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for over 2 years, my periods have never been regular my last period was 26th October 2016- 28th October 2016.. on the 4th Nov 2016 i had a little bit of dark blood their was only a bit on the pantie linner, the 5th was the same, the 6th in the day their was a bit it was still dark red/brown towards the night it got abit heavier so I needed to wear a pad.. 

its still kinder Heavy now needing to use a pad but it's still dark with bits of red in.  I don't know what it could be is it just my period or could it be implantation bleeding, my moods have been all over, ive lost my appetit, been tired a lot, I've gone of food that I used to love eating. 

thankyou for the help ☺️ X


  • If you had a period on the 26th October then you wouldn't have had time to have ovulated and then get implantation bleeding less than a week later..... implantation usually happens from around 4-5 days after ovulation, usually 6. 

    Is it possible that the bleed on the 26th could have been implantation? Have you taken a test? 

  • Hi, it wasn't October I meant to put September I didn't have a period or bleeding at all in Octobe.. I did take a test a week ago and it was negative but since the bleeding I haven't taken one x

  • it could be your period then.... if it's IB it's approx 4 days before a test would show postive.

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