3rd day late but negative result

so we've been TTC since 17th October, quite a lot, my last period was 8th-13th October. I am on my 3rd day of being late for my period I've had every symptom of being pregnant but did clearblue test Saturday and got a 'not pregnant' result:(


  • You may have ovulated later than you thought and the CB Digi tests aren't v sensitive. If you have only just started TTC it may be best to temp and opk for a month so that you can get a handle on your cycle And when you actually do ovulate as the apps only give a prediction they aren't a given. 

    Maybe use a first response PG test as they are really sensitive if you don't know when you are due. 

  • Well even so, if I don't start my period then surely i must be?

  • It depends how late you ovulated..... you have to wait 2 weeks from ovulation day.... so if you ovulated a week late, your period will be a week late. Without knowing when you ovulated, it's hard to know when your period will come.... last month I ovulated 3 days later than I usually would so my cycle was 31 days instead of my usual 28 days. 

    Only way to know is to test 

  • Still no period 4th day and no signs of it either. Im getting a shooting pain at the top of my vagina though I don't know what it is

  • How long are your cycles usually? 

  • Around 28 days, 5 days late today

  • Have you tried a different brand of test like Butterfly suggested above? Like she says, the digital ones are very sensitive. If you are late, try a 'normal' non-digital test - like the clearblue plus ones. Let us know how you get on

  • If you have 28 day cycles then you would have been due on Saturday 5th? 

    If an early test is still negative, I would say that you ovulated later in your cycle which is why your AF seems late. If you were on BC before too, then your cycles maybe longer now that you are off of them. Like i said before, I usually am no longer than 28 days, but for some reason last month I ovulated 3 days later so had a 31 Day cycle.

    may be worth temping and using OpKs to determine actual ovulation if you aren't successful this time. 

    defintitely  try a sensitive early test, pink dye, as it does sound like you have ovulated later than you think 

  • I'm not exactly sure how long my cycle is to be honest, but im 6 days late today according to my app anyway. I've got all the signs. ive got another clear blue test here,  just don't know when to do it

  • Unless you knew your exact date of ovulation, through ovulation testing etc, then any app will only be able to guess and give you a rough guide.. it could be a few days out. Like we've all said - test again (preferably with a non-difital test) with first morning urine as that will give it the best chance of the hcg being picked up if it's there! 

  • Unfortunately you can't rely on an app to tell you if you are late or not... you need to know your cycle length and if it varies month to month then the only way to know is to track your ovulation properly.

    again, a digital test isn't sensitive, so if you don't know your AF date, then use a sensitive first response test until you get a BFP and then Use the digital to confirm it. Good luck 

  • still nothing. I'll pick one up tomorrow if I can.

  • Still nothing girls

  • I haven't had time to pick any tests up it's just a waiting game. Another recent thing since yesterday is the taste in my mouth, I cant explain it but it's not nice all the time

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