Trying to conceive

Hi eeveryone, me and my partner have been trying for a baby for over 2 years, my periods have never been regular my last period was 26th September 2016- 28th september 2016.. on the 4th Nov 2016 i had a little bit of dark blood their was only a bit on the pantie linner, the 5th was the same, the 6th in the day their was a bit it was still dark red/brown towards the night it got abit heavier so I needed to wear a pad.. 

its still kinder Heavy now needing to use a pad but it's still dark with bits of red in.  I don't know what it could be is it just my period or could it be implantation bleeding, my moods have been all over, ive lost my appetit, been tired a lot, I've gone of food that I used to love eating. 

thankyou for the help ☺️ X


  • Hey Shannon! I really want it to be pregnancy. I got similar sympthomes but it turned out to be just a period :( Me and my hb ttc for 2 month but still no results, hope we will make it. Also holding hands for you girl, dont stress out! xx

  • Hey, yeah think mines turned out to be my period because it's still going lol... it's so stressfull it takes so much time,  don't really have anyone to talk to about it so thankyou ☺️ Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi im ttc for 10months now and its been hell dont know how you do it, it drives me crazy 

  • i dont it drives me crazy aswell lol I've had a miscarriage the doctors don't help at all I'm surprised I've still got my hair 😢 It's so hard seeing other people that are pregnant... it will happen for you xx

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