IB? BFP followed by many BFN- Any ideas?

im trying to conceive for the first time and really looking for information/someone with similar experiences.  I am on a regular 26 day cycle.  This month i was able to pinpoint my ovulation day.  6 days later (22 day of cycle) i had some light bleeding for 1.5 days and then it completely stopped.  I took a pregnancy test 5 days later and got a BFP with first response.  I wanted a nice confirmation positive so tested each day since (now a week later) and have only had BFN. I went to the Drs today and she didnt really have a clue what happened- could have been a chemical pregnancy but if that was the case would have expected bleeding after the one and only BFP. i thought i had pregnancy symptoms but i think maybe they were all in my head? has anyone had anything similar please? I thought i was pregnant but maybe i need to be testing for ovulation again so not to miss a cycle?

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