Implantation bleeding? Faint line?

Hello ladies!!

This is my 4th month TTC and this time DH and I have BD every other day before and after fertility window. Af isn't supposed to be due till next week & last night at 11dpo I started spotting. I kept using the restroom before that with increase of CM. The spotting was very light pink and on and off accompanied with some mild cramps.. nausea, and lower back pain. I couldn't sleep but Today is 12dpo and the spotting & cramps have subsided a lot. I decided to take a test because the tww is just blehh and at this point .. this cycle has been so different. I had a feeling..My line came up very faint . Hard to see through a pic so I had to tweak it. But what do you ladies think. Can you see it?? I'm scared. Why am I spotting ?? Should I worry ? I've never been pregnant so just worried I can be having a MC. Idk.

And I took a test at 9dpo and 10dpo both were negative.


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