Ttc for 7 months

Hi guys. Im new to all this but I'm getting fed up. Im 27 and have been trying to conceive for 7 months with no luck. When I had my coil out my cycles were 34-38 days my last cycle was 54 days and I'm on day 38 now with no signs of af. I have tried opk but I have never had a positiveso now thinking I don't ovulate. I have just started taking agnus castus to see if it will make af appear and start me ovulating. Anybody else in the same situation.  Im getting so fed up now I'm so desperate for a baby. Xx


  • Hiya lovely,

    I am also 27, had my coil out Sept 2015 and fell pregnant March this year. I am now 32w pregnant and looking forward to becoming a mummy for the first time!

    Those months we were trying were some of the longest of my life and I felt exactly as you do now, trying anything I could to increase our chances of conceiving. Even though I read loads of stuff about how normal it is to be trying for that long, and the fact that doctors in the uk don't start to investigate until you have been trying for two years normally, I still got myself really stressed and convinced there must be something wrong with me, for it not to have happened straight away. 

    I honestly believe that in my situation opening up to my mum about what we were going through reduced my stress levels and helped us conceive. 

    The best advice I can give you at the moment is to try and relax, enjoy this as part of your relationship with your partner rather than just a means to an end, and remember that seven months is still completely average. I read up lots of stuff on the nhs website which helped. 

    Of course if your cycles don't settle down, something else seems wrong or you are still trying after years then speak to a doctor, but for now just try relax!

    Hope some of that helps, obviously it is only from my own experience, and I know I found it annoying having people to "stop trying and it will happen" but conception, pregnancy and birth are such a miraculous thing that your body really does need to feel safe to even begin to bring a baby into this world X 

  • Hi! Thank you for your reply and congratulations on your pregnancy. I know I'm still within normal range but it's just so frustrating isn't it. I try to stay chilled about it all but all ive ever wanted is a baby and Im just too impatient lol. My cycles don't help. Hopefully I will have my good news before christmas. That would be amazing. Lol.

  • Oh totally, it really is frustrating and I know that I for one completely obsessed on babies and nothing else whilst we were trying. I didn't post on these forums at that stage but I did find it really helpful reading what other ladies were going through- everybody really can be such a support on here. 

    Baby dust to you, and I really hope your cycles settle down soon and that you have the special news you so want by Christmas!

    Thinking of you X 

  • Hi Desperateforababy,

    Im also TTC - currently into month 6 with no luck yet. I totally understand that you cant just relax and let it happen. Its all i think about and the 2WW i look for any symptom that i may be pregnant. I havent used OPKs yet but did order some yesterday so will start using them straight away as I should be ovulationg at the weekend - according to my Ovia app.

    Sorry that I havent given any advice just wanted you to know that there are others out there feeling exactly the same as you are, and here to chat or blow off steam if you need to vent xx

  • Hiya - just wanted to share my support with you. I know how you are feeling, we are now on the 13th cycle of trying and have had tests done and all is fine but just the fact of keep trying according to doctors. 

    I know how heart wrenching it is, it has been so devastating every month AF arriving when all you want is a baby. Wishing you all the luck in the world xx 

  • It's nice to have some people to talk to who are going through the same thing. Its so annoying that all your life they teach you to make sure your protected when having sex because you can get pregnant. Then as soon as it's what you want it takes forever. Im just waiting for Af to appear now. Im pretty sure I'm not ovulating so very much doubt I'm pregnant this month. Just want Af to come so I can start again and see if my agnus castus helps me at all. Good luck to you all :) 

  • I totally agree Desperateforababy!! Do our best to be careful but when you really want that BFP it seems so hard. I already have a little boy but when we do finally fall pregnant it would be my partners first child, which is now making me wonder if my partner is able to have children. I know thats probably abit extreme but when its not happening for you all thoughts go through your mind. 

    Have you tried a digital OPK? Xx

  • Not yet but I have ordered some digital clear blue ones off ebay so hopefully they will help. They're just so expensive. I use the online cheapie from Amazon. Have never got a positive but just did one now and it seems to be getting darker so who knows. Im on cd 39 so if I'm coming up to ovulating it's guna be another long cycle 😣 might give it to Jan thej go to docs. 

    Awww I'm sure he can. Hopefully you'll get your bfp soon. But I agree. Ttc makes you think about all sorts. Does he take any vitamins? I heard zinc is good for men to take. Or you can get the wellman conceive multivitamins. 

  • A dark ovulation line is good though. At least you know your not out yet this month and it could still be your month!!

    No my OH doesnt take any vitamins or anything. He also works away and is only home on weekends so we could be missing my ovulation, just makes things harder not being able to DTD when we should be. 

    Dont give up hope, your periods may just be taking a little longer than you hoped to regulate xxx

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